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San Jacinto Plaza
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San Jacinto Illustrative Plan

Grand formal elements which signal the importance of San Jacinto Plaza are taking shape this week alongside other less formal elements which celebrate native plants of Texas and the Southwest.

Contractors began installation of a dozen Ash trees along Main Drive and Mills Avenue.

These trees will make up formal tree-line promenades which frame the Plaza. Meanwhile, work is underway on bridges which will span the decorative arroyo. The arroyo will wind its way along the east side of the plaza. It will be filled with rocks, boulders, and native plants including wooly butterfly bush, Texas sage, and flame acanthus.


The project will be largely completed by the end of January 2015; under the contract authorized by City Council in January 2014, contractors would then have the month of February to complete any minor items and put finishing touches in place.

Work will include a 50-square-foot shade structure to protect Luis Jimenez’ Los Lagartos sculpture which is presently being restored in Ohio, a reflecting pool, an interactive water feature or “splash pad,” benches, sidewalks, landscaping, irrigation, and construction of a full service café.

San Jacinto Water Feature
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