Safe Solicitation


The City of El Paso has recently adopted Ordinance 017992 to address concerns raised by its citizens regarding aggressive solicitation and fundraising.

Fundraising is restricted at the following locations:

  • Within 15 feet from the corner of any intersection

Please avoid the following behaviors while fundraising, they are prohibited:

  • Soliciting in restricted areas as outlined in the ordinance
  • Physical contact without consent
  • Repeatedly asking a person to donate or purchase after they’ve said no.
  • Following a person after they’ve declined to donate or make a purchase.
  • Blocking a person or vehicle in efforts to solicit
  • Using obscene, abusive, and profane gestures or language in efforts to solicit

If organizations and individuals want to fundraise, vend, or solicit on private property, permission must be obtained from the business or property owner and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • An organization must obtain permission from the owner of a business to solicit on private property.
  • Note that, even with permission to fundraise on private property an organization must still comply with the restrictions outlined in Ordinance 017992 as listed above. Failure to adhere to the ordinance can result in a citation or arrest for non-compliance or repeat offences.



Suggested Areas Fundraising Can Be Done

  • Private property w/ owner's permission
  • Public sidewalks that are more than 15 feet from the corner of an intersection of two or more streets.

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