Safe Solicitation


What this means to you as a Business Owner

This ordinance will serve as a useful safety tool for business owners within their private establishments. Below is a summary of how you can utilize the ordinance as a protective measure.

Steps to protect your business and enforce the ordinance on private property:

  • To restrict soliciting within your establishment in accordance with Ordinance 017992, please post the “No Soliciting” signage as outlined in the Ordinance where it is easily visible, no higher than 8 feet above the floor
  • A downloadable “No Soliciting” sign is available for your use by clicking here
  • The El Paso Police Department will be enforcing the new ordinance, should you need assistance in dealing with an aggressive solicitor, please call (915) 832-4400
  • The El Paso Police Department will enforce the new ordinance in a private place of business only if the approved signage is visibly posted within the establishment

The following behaviors are considered aggressive solicitation or prohibited solicitation and can be reported to El Paso Police Department:

  • Soliciting in restricted areas or private businesses without permission
  • Physical contact without consent
  • Repeatedly asking a person to donate or purchase after they’ve said no.
  • Following a person after they’ve declined to donate or make a purchase.
  • Blocking a person/vehicle in efforts to solicit
  • Using obscene/abusive/profane gestures or language in a threatening manner in efforts to solicit

The City realizes that many businesses support organizations that fundraise and may continue to do so.  As a result, business owners must give individuals and organizations permission to solicit or fundraise on private property with the owner’s consent in accordance with the city’s ordinance.


Sign Specifications

Per Ordinance number 017992 NO SOLICITING sign specifications are as follows:

No soliciting sign specifications

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No soliciting allowed sign

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