Recreational Vehicle Parking Information

Wondering where you can park a recreational vehicle (RV) within the El Paso city limits?

The City of El Paso municipal code allows RVs in recreational vehicle parks. There are more than a dozen recreational vehicle parks in the community and region.

Parking an RV on a city street is also allowed, but only for the purpose of unloading or loading goods or merchandise and as long as the RV is not parked there for more than two hours, whether consecutive or not, during any eight-hour period.  Violating this ordinance found in Title 12.44.100 of the municipal code could result in a $225 fine.

When parking an RV on a city street it must be parked no closer than 20 feet from the intersection of the streets at any corner lot. This regulation is intended to prevent visibility obstructions near intersections.

Parking an RV on private property is allowed but with some restrictions. When on private property RVs like other motor vehicles must be parked on a surface made out of asphalt, brick or concrete. Other dust-free parking surfaces are allowed subject to the approval of the director of the Planning and Inspections department or other designee of the city manager. Vehicles parked in residential areas must not obstruct city sidewalks.

Violating city ordinances may result in correction notices, citations and/or fines.

To learn more about regulations that apply to RVs and their parks please check out Title 12 and 20 of the El Paso City Code.


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