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Our Mission
The mission of the West Texas Medical Reserve Corps is to enhance the regional response capabilities in the event of an emergency, disaster or disease outbreak by providing a coordinated response using locally recruited medical, behavioral health, public health, and health support volunteers.  The Medical Reserve Corps volunteers will also work to improve the overall health preparedness and well-being of the region.

About Us
Major emergencies or disasters can at times overwhelm first responders and the healthcare infrastructure.  These can include both man-made and natural disasters such as disease outbreaks, floods, and terrorism.  Medical and non-medical volunteers can provide an important "surge capacity" during such events.  The MRC Volunteer can be called upon to fulfill such functions as triage, patient education, medical evaluation, vaccination, or distribution of medication and supplies.  They can also augment medical staff shortages at local medical and emergency facilities, including medical special needs shelters and alternate care sites.  
In times when there are no emergencies or disasters, the MRC volunteers support the goals of the United States Department of Health and Human Services while advancing the priorities of the Surgeon General.  They also support locally defined initiatives such as injury prevention, public education on emergency preparedness and participation in regional exercises and drills.

Our Goals

Volunteers Can Be:
Practicing and retired healthcare professionals such as:

And other community members such as:

​For more information on joining, please contact Wanda Helgesen at 915-838-3204.

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