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Police Academy

Contact the Academy: 562-4263

Lt. Steven Lopez - Training Director
Rosa Garcia - Admin. Assistant
Sgt. Jason Johnson
Sgt. Robert Zavala

Training Specialists
   Officer Alejandro Dominguez
   Officer Juan J. Torres
   Officer Jeremy Ontiveros
   Officer David Thompson
   Officer Curtis Whitener
   Officer Amanda Vega
   Detective Mike Vasquez

Training Techs
   Loretta Arredondo
   Monica Luna
   Jacqueline Childress-Finnen
   Antoinette Flores
   Evangelina Franco
   Ezequiel Landa
   Teresa Quintanar

Located on Scenic Drive and overlooking the City of El Paso, the El Paso Police Department Training Academy offers the recruit an academically and physically challenging environment. During the 30 week training period, recruits will be taught a variety of subjects ranging from criminal law, report writing, principles of investigation, defensive tactics, police vehicle operations and firearm training.  Academics will culminate with the State of Texas licensing exam (TCLEOSE) that the recruits must pass in order to graduate.

Crossfit training is the principal strength and conditioning program utilized at the academy. Recruits entering the Academy must be prepared for the strenuous physical demands of academy. 
Listed below are the fitness standards the recruits must meet.

Recruits will attend classes Monday-Friday and on occasion some night and weekend training may be required. Recruits are paid $16.28 hour while attending the academy.  Recruits do not reside on the premises and must provide their own housing. The recruits will also purchase their duty weapon, physical training apparel, foot wear, textbooks and other training material.

Recruits who successfully pass the State of Texas licensing exam (TCLEOSE) and graduate the Training Academy will be assigned to one of the five regional command centers and enter into the Field Training Officer program.

Physical Fitness Testing Standards

Sit-ups: 32 in one minute
Push-ups: 24 push-ups no time limit
100 Yard Dash: 19 seconds or less
One mile run: 10:49 or less
Bend, Twist & Touch: 15 cycles in 20 seconds
Combined Left & Right Grip Strength: Combined 160 lbs

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