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Youth Initiative Program - YIP

The purpose of this Directory is to help those who live and work in the El Paso area find agencies that respond to health and human services, education, recreation and emergency needs.

Inclusion of an agency in this Directory does not imply endorsement of its purpose or quality by the El Paso Police Department or the Youth Initiative Program and further disclaims any responsibility for the quality of the services provided by the listed and referenced agencies; moreover, the El Paso Police Department or Youth Initiative Program shall not be liable as a result of the use of any of the services described in this directory, its revision or appendices.

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Don’t Forget Me

Don't forget meA considerable number of children have been left in scorching or freezing vehicles. Many say, “I would never forget my child in the car,” but it could happen, and it has happened.

Changes in our every day lives stresses the need to make people aware when a child is riding in a vehicle.

Placing a DO NOT FORGET ME / CHILD IN VEHICLE TAG on a window will serve as a reminder that a child is in the vehicle and potentially at risk.

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Traffic Break

Traffic BreakHazards such as debris or accidents can cause dangerous situations for motorists. At times officers are required to momentarily stop traffic to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If you see an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens on and it appears to be zig zagging...

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Breath or Blood: It's your choice!

Breath or Blood: It's your choice!Refusal is "NOT AN OPTION" - "Don't Drink and Drive!"

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Run - Hide - Fight

Run - Hide - Fight Videos on how to survive an encouter with an active shooter.


El Paso Fusion Center

Fusion CenterThe El Paso Fusion Center – Multi Agency Tactical Response Information eXchange (MATRIX) serves as an all-crimes and all-hazards tactical information and intelligence hub for the El Paso Police Department and the Region.

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Alert Network

Citizen ObserverThe Alert Network allows the El Paso Police Department to instantly update you about crimes, emergencies and other important information. All Alerts are delivered via e-mail and are also available via text message on your cell phone.

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El Paso Municipal Court

Municipal CourtThe El Paso Municipal Court is a court of records which handles Class C misdemeanors and civil parking citations issued within the the city limits.
The El Paso Municipal Court of Appeals hears appeals filed from the El Paso Municipal Courts. On the Municipal Clerk's web pages you will find Municipal Court, Citation Search, Red Light Camera , Location Hours, Defensive Driving, Fines and Payment, and Parking Citaition information, to name a few.

[Municpal Court's Home Page]
[Traffic Citation Search/Payment]
[Red Light Camera Violations]

Illegal Dumping

Illegal DumpingIllegal Dumping – Municipal Code 9.04.670 - Litter and illegal dumping prohibited.
No person shall dump, throw, drop, discard or otherwise dispose of litter on any public or private property within the city. This prohibition shall not be construed to limit persons placing litter in public receptacles or in authorized private receptacles in such a manner as to prevent it from being carried or deposited by the elements upon public or private property. To report Illegal Dumping please call Environmental Code Enforcement Division at 915-599-6290.

[Code Compliance Services]
[Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center]
[Illegal Dumping Onto Land or Into Water]

Arrive Alive campaign

Arrive AliveThe Arrive Alive campaign is a year-long initiative aimed at reducing traffic fatalities. The City of El Paso through its Department of Transportation (EPDoT) and the El Paso Police Department has teamed up the Texas Department of Public Safety, the University of Texas at El Paso and local school districts to boost traffic safety awareness outreach. The campaign throughout the year will highlight safety tips related to: motor vehicles, pedestrians, senior citizens, children, bicycles, buses, motorcycles, cell phone usage, and driving while intoxicated (DWI).

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Under Age Drinking Initiative (UADI)

According to the UMC Safe Communities, every 19 minutes a teen dies as the result of an alcohol related crash in the United States.

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ScamsScams are becoming more and more common throughout the world. Scams take place by use of the U.S. Mail, E-mails, telemarketers, internet sites, door to door salesm and newspaper ads to name a few. The scams listed on this page have taken place in the El Paso area and are provided for public awareness.

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Wireless Communication Device Ordinance Clarification Fact Sheet

Cell Phone BanWireless Communication Device Ordinance Clarification Fact Sheet - This fact sheet is meant to clarify any confusion regarding the recent passing of and enforcement of the Wireless Communication Device Ordinance.

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Financial Responsibility Requirements

Financial ResponsibilityFinancial Responsibility Requirements - Effective November 1, 2009 - El Paso Officers will have the authority to impound (tow) a vehicle if the driver cannot show proof of Financial Responsibility (Insurance).

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Safe Communities Program

Safe CommuntiesThe Safe Communities Program is a program designed to collect and analyze data, and use the data to determine the locations for increased enforcement, provide increased community education and public awareness, and work with community leaders to reduce motor vehicle crashes and traffic incidents in El Paso.

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Red Light Camera

Red Light CameraRed Light Camera: The goal of this program is to reduce the number of red light violations, red light crashes, and red light injury crashes. If you have questions or want to link to the video of the citation you received.

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Arrest Photos

FAMV and SWI Arrest PhotosPosting of the family violence, DWI, auto theft and prostitution arrest photos on this link is one of many tools implemented to combat these crimes in the City of El Paso.  These criminal activities affect El Paso citizens, their neighborhoods and the quality of life.

To view recent arrest photos click here…

Identity Theft

Identity TheftHave you been a victim of Identity Theft Click Here for an Identity Theft Packet which shows you step by step what you need to do in order to report this to the El Paso Police Department, restore your credit, and prosecute the offenders…..

El Paso’s Most Wanted

El Paso's Most WantedEl Paso’s Most Wanted: If you have information on the whereabouts of any of the below persons please call Crime Stoppers at 566-8477 or the 911 emergency line. To see who is on The El Paso’s Most Wanted List.

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El Paso Coalition for the Homeless

What does the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless do? The EL Paso Coalition for the homeless is an umbrella organization with a mission to be a voice for the homeless and to provide vision, structure, and systems for organizations cooperating to serve the homeless in a Continuum of Care. Please call 843-2170 or go to http://www.ephomelesscoalition.org/ for further information.

History of EPPD
This page is intended to provide an overview of history of the El Paso Police Department and how its history relates to and intertwines with more popular "old-west" history.
Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a Community Policing partnership program that rapidly expanded nation-wide in the 1970's to combat significant increases in residential crime.
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Homeland Security
The Mission of the El Paso Police Department Homeland Security Section will be to lead the effort in keeping El Paso free from any acts of domestic and /or international terrorism.
Regional Commands
Sex Offender Registration & Tracking Unit
In April of 2007, the El Paso City Council passed an Ordinance which restricts a registered sex offender with one or more counts whose victim was a child or two or more counts whose victim was an adult from living within 1,000 ft. of a school, park, or daycare.

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Sex offender Registration & Tracking Unit
Sex Offender Registration Tracking

Commuter Info Center
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Neighborhood Watch programs in El Paso
Neighborhood Watch

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