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Victim Services - Safety Preparation


Safety with The ADT AWARE® Program:
Protection for Abused Women

Since 1992, ADT Security Services, Inc., has offered a life-saving program to address the scourge of domestic violence. The ADT AWARE® program, which stands for Abused Women's Active Response Emergency, is a coordinated effort among ADT Security Services, representatives of local law enforcement agencies, prosecutor's offices and battered women's shelters. ADT donates and installs electronic security systems in the homes of victims of domestic violence.

The systems include a hold-up alarm pendant, which can be worn or carried with the victim while in the home. In the event of an imminent attack, the victim can press the button on the pendant, sending an immediate, silent alarm to ADT, which in turn notifies the appropriate police agency. Law enforcement agencies participating in the AWARE® program have agreed to respond to these AWARE® alarms on a priority basis.

ADT donates the equipment, installation and monitoring of the AWARE® systems. There is no charge whatsoever to either the victims or the community. Agencies within the community are asked to simply set criteria for selection of victims who are at the highest level of risk for lethal attack by their batterers. The criteria typically require the victim:

Safety With a Protective Order...

Safety When Preparing to Leave...

Safety When Living on Your Own...

Safety on the Job and in Public...

Your Safety and Emotional Health...

CHECKLIST: What You Need to Take With You When You Leave...

[  ] Identification, driver's license, car registration
[  ] Court orders, restraining orders
[  ] Birth certificates for you and your children
[  ] Police reports / documentation of previous abuse
[  ] Money
[  ] Bank books and / or bank account numbers
[  ] Checkbooks, credit cards, ATM card
[  ] Lease / rental agreement, house deed
[  ] Medical, life, and auto insurance papers
[  ] House and car keys, pink slip
[  ] Medications
[  ] Small saleable objects
[  ] Address book
[  ] Pictures
[  ] Medical records for all family members
[  ] Social Security card
[  ] Welfare identification
[  ] School and immunization records
[  ] Work permits / identification
[  ] Passport or "Green Card"
[  ] Divorce papers / marriage license
[  ] Jewelry
[  ] Children's clothing and small toys
[  ] Spare eyeglasses or contact lenses

[  ] Other:______________________________

These things are not as important as the lives of you
and your children!

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