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Central Regional Command



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Welcome to the Central Regional Command

The Central Regional Command is located at 200 S. Campbell in the heart of downtown El Paso.  It sits directly across from the County Court Building and the El Paso County Jail.  The command center serves the central business districts and the east central area of the city.  Its boundaries are the Rio Grande on the south, Schuster Ave. (near the University of Texas El Paso) on the west, Van Buren Blvd. (near William Army Beaumont Medical Center) on the north, and Robert E. Lee Drive and Airport Blvd. on the east.  Within its boundaries are three of the four international U.S./Mexico ports of entry and the downtown business districts.  The Central Regional Command has 194 commissioned officers and detectives assigned to serve approximately 123,000 residents who live within the region and the daily influx of citizens who commute downtown for work  or to shop on a daily basis.  The commissioned officers are supported by a dedicated staff of civilians who make it possible for the Regional Command to serve the residents of Central El Paso.

The Central Regional Command’s geographic location provides many unique and challenging policing concerns for the officers and staff who work within the Command.  Because of these unique demands, the Central Regional Command is the only center that maintains a full-time bike patrol and parking enforcement team and houses the Department’s Mobile Field Force operations.

The Central Regional Command was honored in 1998 and 1999 as the Regional Command of the year for their success in significantly reducing crime in the downtown and surrounding areas.  The officers and staff of the Central Regional Command invite you to visit and get to know the proud members of the El Paso Police Department that serve the citizens of Central El Paso.

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Special Ops / Metro
Bikes / Beats / Honor Guard
Traffic Unit and Parking Enforcemen
Criminal Investigations
Tactical (TAC) Unit
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Neighborhood Relations Coordinator

200 S. Campbell St.
El Paso, Tx 79901

(915)  577-5000

(915) 577-5025

(915) 577-5300

Store Front
314 S. Leon
(915)  838-8013

Police Area Representatives
Off. C. Morales, moralesc@elpasotexas.gov
Off. Eric Castaneda, 2181@elpasotexas.gov
Off. Hector Loya, 2204@elpasotexas.gov

Community Service Officer

Crime Prevention Officer
Off. H. Slack, slackh@elpasotexas.gov

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