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Special Investigations Group



History and Overview
The El Paso Police Department’s Special Investigations Group was founded in 1998 in order to take a proactive approach to the increasing need to address allegations of abuses of office relating to a public servant’s office or employment. The need to address offenses that specifically apply to persons acting in the capacity of a public servant and that directly or indirectly relate to abuses of office involves specialized investigative techniques, patience and problem solving skills. These investigations often times require a great deal of time be dedicated to each investigation.

The Office of the Chief of Police oversees the Special Investigations Group. The Special Investigations Group is housed at the Police Headquarter’s building. This centralized location eliminates the opportunity for interference from individuals or outside agencies from direct involvement in the functions of the investigation.

Cases that fall under the guidelines set out by the unit are referred to the unit via the El Paso Police Department’s five Regional Commands.  Complaints are also accepted on a walk-in basis and by anonymous calls received by the Crime Stopper’s program.

The Special Investigations Group consists of a lieutenant, one sergeant and four detectives. These personnel are experienced employees, qualified to investigate public corruption cases that fall under the El Paso Police Department’s jurisdiction. Each member represents the Special Investigations Group in a positive manner thus allowing the public to have confidence in their police department.

The Special Investigations Group works in partnership with the community to enforce laws and diligently investigate alleged abuses of office relating to a public servants office or employment while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity to improve the quality of life in the City of El Paso.

How To File A Complaint
An individual may file a police report by calling (915) 564-7130. If the case is classified as falling under the guidelines of the unit, it will be assigned to a Special Investigations Group detective.  If an individual desires to meet with a detective in person they may either come in or call and make and appointment to sit down and discuss the issues relating to their complaint.

For additional information regarding the Special Investigations Group or to report a possible crime, contact the unit at (915) 564-7120 and ask to speak to a detective.

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