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Northeast Newsletter


We are always striving to find improved methods to reach out to our community, whom we serve, and have improved our services greatly in this area. These improvements are actions based on the numerous requests for services that we receive on a regular basis.

Our goal is be able to provide these services to each of you without requiring you to have to physically come to us. Here are some service items of interest that should be to your benefit, should you ever need them:

On-Line Services - All of the listed services are now available online at the EPPD homepage.

Texas DPS Form ST-2 (for accident reports)
Citation Search - Compliments of the municipal court system, you can now go online and search information on citations.
Warrant Search - To confirm whether or not an arrest warrant or commitment has been issued for you.

As you can see, we are taking advantage of the Internet, the "information highway" to better serve you. You will find these very convenient.

See you next month, or, go online and see what's new at the NERC by going to our webpage.

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