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The use of a "Large Function" permit is to allow additional use for temporary guest parking in a residential area that has been determined to be and is marked as "Residents Only".

Although not necessarily included in nor all inclusive of Municipal Code 12.44.280 B.3, the most pertinent key points to keep in mind when applying for these permits are:

To read the ordinance in full, click [here] and go to exact chapter.

The process to get a permit under Municipal Code 12.44.280 B.3 “Large Functions” is relatively easy. An applicant can fill out an application on-line (by clicking link below), they may request via telephone or they may apply in person at Police Headquarters. The contact person regardless of the method is any member of the Chief’s Special Projects Section. They can be reached through the Chief’s Office at 564-7309.

Once the application is received, the request will be reviewed to ensure all that all qualifications are met and the number of permits requested does not exceed the limit set by the Code (50%).  Fairness to other residents on certain dates may also be a consideration. If all qualifications are met, the Chief will sign the permits and the Special Projects Section will contact the applicant at the number or e-mail he or she provides. At that time arrangements can be made for the applicant to pick up the permits.



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