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Historic Badges and Current Ranks



The insignias shown are the current rank insignias of the Department

"Metal" rank insignia is worn one set on each side of the collar:

Chief of Police

Assistant Chief

Assistant Chief
(seen but no longer in use)



(seen but no longer in use)

(seen but no longer in use)
Cloth insignia is worn one patch per sleeve between the shoulder and elbow:


20+ year Patrol Officer

15-19 year Patrol Officer

10 - 14 year Patrol Officer

5 - 9 year Patrol Officer

*Longevity stripes

*Longevity stripes are worn by all officers; gold for supervisors and white for officers. They are worn on the left sleeve of the long sleeve shirt between the wrist and elbow. Each stripe signifies three years of service (pictured is nine years of service)



Below are some of the historic badges that have been worn by El Paso Police Department's officers at some point or another. Dates of use are generally not known and this does not include all badges ever used. In one early 1900's photo alone, 5 different badges can be distinguished.

This badge was most likely used
during the late 1800's and early 1900's.
This badge was used during the early 1900's,
this was the badge style worn by Officer Drake
when he was killed in 1918.
This badge was likely used
during the early 1900's.
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