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Financial Crimes


Financial Crimes Unit

Lt. Patrick Pelletier
Sgt. Julie Inciriaga
Hours and Location
M-F 8:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.
911 N. Raynor
El Paso, TX 79903
Phone: (915) 564-7130
Fax: (915) 564-6986

Police Report Line
(915) 832-4436

History and Overview

The El Paso Police Department’s White Collar Crime Unit was founded in 1994 in response to the rise in white-collar crimes in the El Paso area. Investigating white -collar crime involves many specialized investigative techniques, patience, problem solving skills, and time. As the El Paso Police Department decentralized its investigative functions among five regional command centers, the white-collar crime unit retained its location at Police Headquarters to maintain central control over investigators capable of dealing with extremely complex cases. In 1999 the White Collar Crime Unit was renamed the Financial Crimes unit, which now consists of the White Collar Crime Unit, Identity Theft Unit, Special Victims Unit, Internet Crime Against Children Unit, Fugitive from Justice Unit and the Public Integrity Unit. The Financial Crimes Section is commanded by Lieutenant Patrick Pelletier.


The White Collar Crime unit consists of one sergeant, and twelve detectives. The personnel are trained in various law enforcement skills specifically related to fraud, embezzlement, computer analysis, and other Internet and Financial related crimes. The unit works very closely with outside law enforcement agencies and private sector resources to accomplish its goals.


The Special Victims Unit has been established to address incidents of abuse, neglect or exploitation (as defined by the Texas Human Resource Code, Chapter 48) by caretakers (as defined by the Texas Administrative Code Title 40) of the following individuals:

PC. 22.01 Assault
PC. 22.04 Injury to Elderly or Disabled Individual
PC. 22.07 Terroristic Threats
PC. 22.08 Aiding Suicide
PC. 31.03 Theft Over $50.00 & Under $20,000.00
PC. 32.31 Credit/Debit Card Abuse
PC. 32.51 Misapplication of Fiduciary Property Over $50.00 & Under $20,000.00
PC. 32.51 Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information
PC. 42.07 Harassment
PC. 42.072 Stalking
PC. 25.10 Interfering with Guardianship
Human Resource Code, Title 2. Section 48.051

How to file a complaint

Make a police report by calling (915) 832-4400. If your case is classified as one of the crimes listed above, it will be assigned to a white-collar investigator within 3-5 business days. All other cases will be assigned to an investigator at the Regional Command center in the region where the crime occurred.

The White Collar Crime Unit

The White Collar Crime Unit investigates complex, felony level financial crimes. The most common offenses investigated by the unit include:

White Collar Crime Prevention Information and Instructions

This Identity Theft Packet is to be completed once you have contacted the El Paso Police Department and obtained a police report number related to your identity theft case. You may obtain a police report by calling Police Call Takers at 915-832-4400, or report online.

Please keep track of your report number as creditors, financial institutions and credit reporting agencies will ask for it.


Identity Theft Unit

The Identity Theft Unit has been established to address the growing number of identity theft cases. The unit will provides assistance and additional resources to the public and investigates the following statute.

Internet Crimes Against Children Unit

The Internet Crimes Against Children Unit works in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and surrounding Law Enforcement agencies to investigate the following statues:

PC 43.26. Possession or Promotion Of Child Pornography
PC 33.021. Online Solicitation Of a Minor.
PC 21.15. Improper Photography or Visual Recording of victims under 17 years of age.

Fugitive from Justice Unit

The Fugitive from Justice Unit works in cooperation with the United States Marshals Service and surrounding Law Enforcement agencies to investigate and capture absconded individuals.

Even the most long-standing and trusted employees may be misapplying company assets or stealing money. A system of checks and balances that is applied unilaterally throughout the business or organization protects everyone and fosters trust. Laxness and the easing of internal controls merely because no one has ever been caught “stealing,” has been the start of many internal theft cases handled by the white-collar crime unit.


Scams are becoming more and more common throughout the world. Scams take place by use of the U.S. Mail, E-mails, telemarketers, internet sites, door to door salesm and newspaper ads to name a few. The scams listed on this page have taken place in the El Paso area and are provided for public awareness. [click here]

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