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Crimes Against Persons



The Crimes Against Persons section (CAP) is under the command of a Lieutenant. In the absence of the lieutenant, a sergeant is designated as the acting commander of the unit. The three sergeants that are assigned to this unit are: Sgt. Al Cardenas, Sgt. Karen Kozak, and Sgt. Rick Rivera. The sergeants are responsible for case assignments and supervision of cases which fall under the responsibility of the section. There are 15 detectives assigned to the unit which includes the Mexico Liaison detective. The section is also authorized two civilians to work in the unit, 1 clerk typist and 1 crime analyst.

The Crimes Against Persons Section is in charge of investigating all major crimes which occur in the City of El Paso. Cases handled by the Crimes Against Persons Section are as follows:

CAP also handles bank robberies and coordinates these investigations with the FBI. The investigations of death cases include baby deaths, suicides, overdoses, drowning, natural deaths and any other deaths. CAP will usually send out one or two investigators to investigate these cases. If it is determined that cause of death was due to foul play then the case becomes a homicide and a much more intensive investigation begins.

The Crimes Against Persons Section is an integral part of the Criminal Investigations Division of the El Paso Police Department. The primary function and responsibility of the Section is to investigate criminal offenses that are perpetrated against a person or persons. CAP has been recognized as one of the best homicide units in the country and prides itself in being above the national average on clearance rates for all major crimes to include murder, aggravated robbery, and aggravated sexual assaults. The section has received a number of awards and certificates in the past number of years for the hard work and professionalism displayed by all members of the Unit. The Crimes Against Persons Section was presented with a Unit Citation two years ago and this past year, we were recognized as Unit of Year.

Hours of Operation
The Crimes Against Persons section works Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. Members of the Crimes Against Persons Section are available for call outs 24 hours a day and can be called upon at a moment’s notice.

Crimes Against Persons
911 N. Raynor St.
El Paso, TX 79903
(915) 564-7010

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