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Victim Services - Coping with Anger/Emotional Issues


Domestic violence is an issue that affects the entire family unit. When determining what introduces violence into the family unit, several factors come into play; substance abuse, outside stressors, learned behavior and of course, anger management issues.

The best prevention against introducing domestic violence into the family unit is understanding and recognizing how to express different types of emotion without resorting to violence. Although this may seem simple, everyday problems coupled together with other issues may require outside intervention. Below are some recommended local and national organizations that could be contacted if you or one of your love one’s need outside intervention

  • National Crisis Hotline
  • Dial "211"
    Quick referrals for human service needs
  • Counseling and Guidance Services
    Men's Counseling Center

    3800 North Piedras
  • Mental Health Crisis Center
    1600 Montana
  • Intervention Associates
    2210 Myrtle Suite #1
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