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Airport and Tactical Services



Airport Police Operations:   Lt. Dave Ransom
Bomb Squad: BombSquad@elpasotexas.gov
CMT: CMT@elpasotexas.gov
ComSAR: ComSar@elpasotexas.gov
SWAT: SWAT@elpasotexas.gov

Airport Police Operations and Tactical Support Services

The Airport and Tactical Support Services section is divided into four units consisting of highly trained uniformed officers.  Units within the Tactical Support Section include the Bomb Squad, Crisis Management Team, Combined Search and Rescue Unit, and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

Airport Police Operations

Officers assigned to the Airport Detail assist Airport officials, air carrier employees and TSA in enforcing the laws and maintaining the integrity of the security measures at the El Paso International Airport. 


Bomb Squad

The purpose of the Bomb Squad is to provide specialized and highly trained officers to handle situations involving explosives or related incidents, and to insure that these officers are properly equipped to perform this function. 

The Bomb Squad has the responsibility of rendering safe, transporting, and disposing of bombs, explosives, and hazardous devices. 

During bomb callouts the El Paso Bomb Squad utilizes a vehicle specially outfitted with equipment to facilitate an effective and safe response to calls involving explosives or related incidents.

Crisis Management Team

The primary objective of the CMT unit is to save lives and defuse a high-risk situation with little or no use of force.  The team’s goal is to defuse the critical incident by communicating and establishing rapport with the subject and bringing the situation to a peaceful end.  The Crisis Management Team works in conjunction with SWAT to achieve these goals. 

During critical incidents the Crisis Negotiators utilize a Command Post specially outfitted with telephones, computers and other equipment to bring about a peaceful resolution to highly volatile situations.

The Crisis Management Team has the responsibility of responding to critical incidents in order to maximize the prospect of resolving high-risk situations in a peaceful manner.


The El Paso Fire Medical Services is responsible for providing the El Paso community with Search and Rescue Operations.  The Fire Medical Service accomplishes this task through a Multi-Agency Combined Search and Rescue Team (ComSAR).  The Police Department provides personnel and equipment resources to the Fire Medical Service to help accomplish this task. 

During search and rescue missions the Multi-Agency team will utilize a mobile Command Post to help coordinate the combined efforts of the Fire Medical Service and the El Paso Police Department.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team

It is the mission of the El Paso Police Department SWAT Team to provide the citizens of El Paso with the most professional and dedicated service possible during hazardous situations.  The SWAT Team is to support the El Paso Police Department with a managed tactical response to critical incidents. 

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