El Paso It's all Good


The mountains, the desert, the river - El Paso wouldn't be the same without them. Yet as our city grows, the special places our families remember are disappearing one by one.

The El Paso Open Space Plan gives you the opportunity to say which natural areas around us are most important to you. Through the Plan process the City will work with the community to identify and preserve these special places for future generations to enjoy.

Open Space Master Plan
City Council adopted the plan on March 13, 2007

This type of plan is sometimes called a Green Infrastructure Plan. The idea is to look at all the open-spaces, parks, trails, greenways, and natural undeveloped land, not as individual, discrete items, but rather to integrate them into an organized system. Thinking this way helps us to deal with open spaces as an interconnected system, recognizing that each component can affect other parts or the system itself. Just as a network of roadways, utilities, buildings and parking lots forms the urban or "gray" infrastructure of a community, the green infrastructure network weaves together a web of recreational and nature areas that add to our quality of life. It also aids in the land-development process by proactively identifying areas that should be left undisturbed or used as open space, and also identifying areas for development.

Arroyo Inventory
Open Space Advisory Board