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Donor and Recipient for the Memorial Tree Program
with the City of El Paso Parks & Recreation Department

Donor Recipient Date
Tom Angelos Sasha Gerzymisch (pet-dog) 10/1/2010
Tom Angelos Irene Gallegos 10/1/2010
Mandy & David Chew Coy Childress 8/25/2010
Wellington Chew Family Dolph Quijano Sr. 8/25/2010
Angelos Family Lucille N. Garess 7/12/2010
Tyco Electronics Victor Limon 6/28/2010
Steven Shaw Ed Sochat  
Peggy Shaw
Ronald Shaw
Evelyn Shaw
State Farm Bank Supervisors Alex Alvarez  
Tom Angelos Annette Means  
Lon Wall & Yazmin Flores Katelynn Larrissa Wall  
Tom Angelos June & Ray Hermansen  
Sites Southwest Staff 2008 Principals at Sites Southwest LLC
George Radnovich, Phyllis Taylor, Patrick Gay
City of El Paso Housing Programs Division Charles A. West Jr.  
City of El Paso Financial Services Dept. Ricardo Vargas  
Lorraine Wilson Nancy Ramirez  
Tom Angelos Nell Angelos  
Mountain Arroyos Neighborhood Association Mountain Arroyos Neighborhood Association  
Ann Blumensaadt Norman S. Blumensaadt  
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Riley Mr. and Mrs. James E. Riley  
Montoya Heights Community Improvement Association Montoya Heights Community Improvement Association  
Save the Valley Neighborhood Association Save the Valley Neighborhood Association  
Mr. Bill Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood
60th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Campbell
Emma Love
Mr. and Mrs. James Maxwell
Mrs. Lonnie Pfister
Mrs. Mellita Pisarcik
Mrs. Jeannie Moon
Mrs. Mimi Thackston
Mrs. Annemarie Williams
Tom Angelos Harvey D. Hilley  
Tom Angelos Gabrielle Martinez  
Jennifer Miller Ethan Slade  
Joan Bissett    
Melanie Blumenfeld
Debbie Conner    
Yvonne Davis
Jennifer Gonzalez    
Leslie Gorman
Cathy Jones    
Robin Langford    
Gina McLean    
Maribel Norton
Monica de la Torre    

To purchase a Memorial Tree in the City Park call 212-0092 or click on flyer with form below.
Parks and Recreation Memorial Tree Program Flyer

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