Development Assistance Center



The Development Assistance Center (DAC) has been a primary resource available to businesses, developers, property professionals, and members of the public. The objective of the Development Assistance Center (DAC) is to assist development applicants in preparing plans, understanding regulations, obtaining approvals and successfully completing projects.

The Development Assistance Center was created in the summer of 2011 by City Engineer Alan Shubert to improve services to these customers by streamlining processes. Thus far, the Center, although loosely organized and structured, has been well received by a wide range of applicants. It is the purpose of this Charter to more clearly define and focus the activities of the DAC. This is part of a more generalized effort to improve service to the development and business community.


To serve as a multi-departmental information and resource base for development applicants having complex or special needs.

The scope of the DAC is informational and limited to a particular subset of development applications. It is not intended to minimize review, reduce standards, or circumvent the regulations or rules. It is intended to provide an early primer for applicants whose plans need multi-departmental reviews or have other special needs. It is also intended to provide monitoring and case management for cases in need of these services.


Customers most likely to need and avail themselves of DAC services are:

  • Private – public partnership applicants
  • Those seeking a better understanding of City regulations and approval processes
  • Development plans that are large or complex in scope
  • Special need customers or applications referred in the intake process or by other departments or agencies

Scope of Services:

  • Establish and maintain regular communication with the development community
  • Provide an initial point of contact and development conferences for targeted customers
  • Assemble a staff team relevant to a particular applicant or applications needs
  • Improve customer service through coordination with departments
  • Provide a wide range of information pertaining to processes, regulatory information and key contacts
  • Monitor departmental or agency reviews and provide case management services as needed

Elizabeth Gibson, Planning and Inspections Program Manager
Planning and Inspections Department, One Stop Shop
Phone: 915-212-1500
Andre Estala, Building Plans Examiner
Planning and Inspections Department
Phone: 915-212-1538
Mark Grissom, Building Case Manager
Planning and Inspections Department
Phone: 915-212-1518
Mike Neligh, Plan Review Case Manager
Planning and Inspections Department
Phone: 915-212-1509
Robert Read, Building Plans Examiner
Planning and Inspections Department
Phone: 915-212-1536
Albert Ruiz, Fire Case Manager
El Paso Fire Department
Phone: 915-212-1531
Santiago Varela, Food Safety Inspector Supervisor
Department of Public Health
Phone: 915-771-1272
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