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What is the Project Management Office (PMO) Division?

The Project Manangement Office (PMO) Division is a team of professionals that provide customer engagement, business process analysis, solution recommendations and implementation management services to the City, its officials and all departments so they can achieve their pre-established business results on time and within budget.

Services provided
  • Business Process Consultations
  • Project Milestones
  • Business Cases
  • Status Reports
  • Budget Reports
  • Project Budgets
  • Risk Analysis Reports
  • Business Solutions
  • Project Scope Descriptions
  • Customer Engagement
  • PM Outreach Presentations
  • Technology Purchase Request (TPR) Approvals/Denials
  • Post-Project Customer Results Interviews
  • Project Management Scorecard Performance Reports
  • Customer Engagement Letters
  • Customer Results Definitions
  • Contract Reviews
  • Project Resource Requests
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