Department of Information Technology Services

Network Integration

Network Integration


The Network Integration Division is a team of professionals providing services to the City of El Paso and its governmental departments. The services provided are made up of six infrastructure categories: Network, Wireless Network, Telecommunication, Security Cameras, Access Control and Cabling.

The Network Integration Division is continuously looking at ways to improve the network, telecommunication and security services. Currently, the network team provides services to over 160 City owned buildings with over 550 network devices and 6,000 phone handsets.

Services Provided

  • Design and Monitor Wireless Network Topology
  • Spectrum Analysis and Access Point(s) Placement Mapping
  • Maintain and Upgrade All Access Points
  • Respond to Outages 24/7
  • Maintain, Upgrade, and Repair Telephony Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance of VoIP Systems
  • Monitor and Maintain Security Camera Systems
  • Coordinate, Install, and Camera Upkeep
  • Provide Video Surveillance Clips upon Request
  • Maintain, Program, and Troubleshoot all Gateways for The El Paso Fire and Police Departments
  • Monitor Access Control Systems
  • Coordinate and Assist in New System Installations
  • Design a Network Topology that meets Best Practice and Client Needs
  • Configure, Install, and Document LAN and WAN Infrastructure per Network Design
  • Troubleshoot both LAN and WAN Problems
  • Maintain and Upgrade Network Equipment
  • Maintain and Inventory IP Scheme
  • Audit and Verify that Best Practice Security Measures are Implemented
  • Implementing and Maintaining Security Protocols
  • Monitor and Maintain the Wireless Services
  • Respond to Outages 24/7
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