Department of Information Technology Services

Geographic Information Systems Division

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division provides geospatial data collection, analysis, application development, access and support services to the City, its officials, all departments, regional, state, federal, international agencies, and the public to allow accurate and reliable geospatial data to make informed decisions and create complete solutions.

Services Provided

  • GIS Software Installations and Updates
  • Software Training Sessions
  • Interactive Application Customizations and Configurations
  • Geospatial Data Collections
  • Equipment Training Session
  • Spatial and Statistical Analysis
  • Enterprise GIS Data Access Authorizations
  • Accela GIS Data Access Authorizations
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reviews
  • Spatial Data Verifications
  • Field Data Collections
  • Legally Binding Documents
  • Specific Data Search Request Responses
  • Technical Assistance Sessions
  • Software/Hardware Consultations
  • Geospatial Data Creations and Integrations
  • Mobile Applications
  • International Data Collaborations
  • Federal Data Collaborations
  • Public Map Requests
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