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The City of El Paso is self-insured and self-funded in Workers' Compensation. Claims Administrative Services, Inc. is the City of El Paso's third party administrator. All monetary and medical benefits for workers' compensation claims are handled by Claims Administrative Services, Inc. The City of El Paso offers an additional benefit which is the City of El Paso's AWP (Accident with Pay).



Please contact us for any questions or comments:

Lupe Chavez - 541-4503 | Questions on leave balances, AWP payroll deductions

Norma Enriquez - 541-4187 | Questions on return to work, transitional duty or over-payments

Lettie Jimenez - 541-4625 | Questions about workers’ compensation or subrogation claims

Seone Michael Jones - 541-4941 | Questions on Property and Casualty (certificates of insurance, auto liability questions, contracts, etc.)

Mary Michel - 541-4862 | Questions on AWP approvals, denials, payroll, or FLMA questions.

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