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City employees created a wellness committee dedicative to educate, encourage, and guide City of El Paso employees to adopt a lifestyle by promoting employee wellness opportunities. The creation of the Wellness Champions! Is in response to the City of El Paso Resolution passed on Jan 6, 2011 by City Council. This resolution included the enhancement of an Employee wellness Program and Policies to emphasize nutrition, physical activity and safety among city employees.


Special Thanks to our current
Committee Members:

Joanna Arriola Johnny Martinez
Sue Beatty Rosalia Mendez
Monica Casarez Irene Morales
Jessica Concha Ida Ramos
Norma Corona Luis Rincon
Erica Garcia Brenda Romero
Gabriela Herrera Daniel Serrano
Elisa Holgiun David Sublasky
Karl Kingan Celeste Care
David Lopez  
Yolie Macias  
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