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How do I get started with the EP Fitness Employee Corporate VIP Wellness Program?

  1. Visit the Benefit Services Office at 300 N. Campbell, 1st Floor
  2. Fill out the EP Fitness Membership form for you and your dependents
  3. Sign your membership agreement and receive your scan cards.
  4. You are ready to start your journey to a healthier and better you!
    • Employees may enroll in the program at their discretion throughout the year.
    • Membership effective date will be the date form is filled out and signed by employee.
    • Employee presents copy of the enrollment form at any EP Fitness location to gain entry.
    • Payroll deductions are effective the next pay period from enrollment date.

Who qualifies as a dependent?

Employees may enroll eligible dependents under the City’s Health Plan at the discounted rate. Eligible depend-ents are those that meet City’s Health plan eligibility requirements. Employee must be enrolled in the program in order to enroll a dependent.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership in 2 ways

* Visit the Benefit Services Office at 300 N. Campbell, 1st Floor or
* Send an email to insuranceandbenefi@elpasotexas.gov. In this email please include your name, Krono Id, and request to cancel your EP Fitness membership.

* * Membership and deductions are cancelled effective 30 days from the date form is signed by employee.

If I have a current EP Membership can I switch to the VIP Employee Program?

YES, you can switch over to the VIP employee program whether you currently have a contract with EP Fitness or not. You just need to follow the first 3 steps.


**Please visit www.epfitness.com for group fitness schedules and member reward discount locations.


New members that sign up by or before December 31st, 2014 will have free day care included at no extra cost with their new EP Fitness VIP membership.

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