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Waste Reuse Pilot Program

The Zoo Department, Sustainability Office (Division of Facilities/Fleet Maintenance), Environmental Services Department, and the Department of Transportation developed a pilot program that will be beneficial to both the City of El Paso and a private, local composting company. To analyze the feasibility of a partnership to reuse waste, City Council approved a six-month pilot program to divert approximately sixteen tons of compostable waste (herbivore waste, tree clippings, bedding, and leftover food waste) over a six-month period from the Greater El Paso Landfill to a local composter who has found a beneficial use for compostable waste.

The purpose of this pilot program is to reduce the amount of waste that is accumulating in the Greater El Paso Landfill and to promote the recycling of reusable waste. Animal waste is full of nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus, and there can be a greater use for it given certain circumstances. We are interested in partnering with New Green Organics, LLC to repurpose this waste into a product that benefits our community and the environment.

To learn more, please see the City Council Waste Reuse Pilot Program Agreement

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