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Benefit of Trees

Trees play an important role in the cultural and economic development of the city by increasing property values, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, improving water quality, stabilizing soil, and reducing erosion and runoff. In addition, trees help provide shade, leading to reduced cooling costs for buildings and an increase in outdoor activity. Trees also add a lot of aesthetic appeal to neighborhoods and parks, and they provide habitat for birds, insects and other wildlife.

If that’s not enough, visual exposure to trees and other plants has actually been proven decreases stress levels. El Pasoans are encouraged to become stewards of their environment by planting, maintaining, and protecting trees to improve our quality of life. For more information about the benefit of trees, check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s webpage.

Tree City USA Recognition

El Paso Has Been Recognized as A Tree City USA By The Arbor Day Foundation For The Seventh Consecutive Year!

Forest and Woodland Conservation

West Texas Urban Forestry Council
Check out these fantastic sites for more information about forest conservation.

Memorial Tree Program

The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department manages the memorial tree program which allows people to plant a tree to celebrate, honor, or memorialize a special individual, group or event, while adding a long-lasting aesthetic and environmental benefit to the entire community.

Guides and Resources

Approved Plant and Tree List
Tree Care Manual
Trees for High Desert Communities
Tree Planting Guide (Engligh)
Tree Planting Guide (Spanish)

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