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Landfill gas (LFG) is an energy resource that contains methane, a potent greenhouse gas that can be captured and used to fuel power plants, manufacturing facilities, vehicles, homes, and more. Instead of escaping into the air, LFG can be captured, converted, and used as an energy source. Using LFG helps to reduce odors and other hazards associated with LFG emissions, and it helps prevent methane from migrating into the atmosphere and contributing to local smog and global climate change. For more details on LFG, check out the Environmental Protection Agency's Landfill Methane Outreach Program website

In August 2008, the City completed a study of the City’s two landfills (McCombs landfill in the northeast and Clint landfill located east of El Paso near the town of Clint). A copy of the report can be downloaded here: Landfill Gas Feasibility Study

Based on the results of the feasibility study, the City allotted $820,000 of the City’s federal energy block grant to begin construction of a landfill gas system at the Clint landfill. City staff is evaluating the performance of the system to determine if a landfill gas to energy system is a viable option.

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