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What services do the City’s Sustainability Office provide?

The City’s Sustainability Office can connect you with the different City sustainability efforts, provide a presentation on sustainability and how you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle or connect you with local businesses and organizations that specialize in sustainable enterprises.

What does sustainability mean?

In it’s simplest terms, sustainability means being wise with our resources and working to enhance both our environment and our economy.

Who do I contact for more information or to get involved?

You can contact for more information or from our Contact Us page.

Where can I learn more about how to save money on my energy bills?

To learn more about how to save energy on your utilities, check out

Businesses looking to save on utility costs might want to check out

to learn about El Paso Electric’s free energy efficiency consulting services.

Why isn’t El Paso the “Solar City”?

While the El Paso region boasts some of the best solar resources in the world, the lack of state mandates and incentives programs makes installing solar systems difficult from an economic perspective.

What is a “carbon footprint”?

A “carbon footprint” is a measure of how much impact a person or group is contributing to global carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have been increasing and many are concerned that higher carbon dioxide levels will contribute to a “greenhouse effect”, changing global climate patterns.

What does “green building” mean?

“Green building” refers to the growing trend to design and construct buildings in a manner that reduces water and energy usage, while providing a healthier environment for those in the building. For more details check out the United States Green Building Council’s web site at

For details on the City's green building efforts, check out our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Buildings page.

What is “smart growth”?

“Smart Growth” refers to the attempt to plan and build developments that are less reliant on car travel. For more details check out the U.S. EPA’s Smart Growth web site:

Should I use reusable bags?

Yes! One set of reusable bags can replace hundreds or thousands of plastic bags from ever being made, shipped, recycled, disposed of, or caught in our trees and cacti. Making plastic shopping bags requires the burning of fossil fuels, the cutting down of trees and, in some cases, the use of unfair labor practices. Reusable bags save both flora and fauna, and help cut down on the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases.

Some cities have implemented bag fees or bag bans, and have dramatically reduced the amount of waste generated from plastic bags. There are also reusable produce bags available if you want to cut out all the plastic on your grocery trips! Just remember to wash your reusable bags every now and then to maintain safe shopping conditions.

Learn reusable bag safety tips from the California Dept. of Health

Why can’t we recycle glass in El Paso?

The City of El Paso does not accept glass in the blue bins because the material is not an item recycled by the local recycling processor contracted by the city for the curbside recycling program. There are businesses in the city that do recycle glass, such as Target.

How do I recycle my old TV?

Check out Environmental Services website about Citizen Collection Sites to learn how you can recycle all old electronics and other items. You can also pick up free paint and mulch while you’re there! Click here to view their website for more information

Who do I contact to see if I am eligible for low income weatherization aid?

You can contact either Project Bravo ( or the City’s Community Development Department for details on the low income weatherization program.

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