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Library Energy Challenge

Library Energy Challenge

From 2012 - 2013, the El Paso Libraries competed in a Library Energy Challenge to see who could lower their energy usage the most in six months. In February 2013, the Library Energy Challenge announced the overall winners for the six-month energy conservation challenge.  Irving Schwartz Branch library, the 1st place winner, reduced their energy an average of 19% compared to last year and Cielo Vista Branch won second place with an 18% reduction.  The challenge involved identifying ways to conserve energy, such as turning off unnecessary lights and setting computers and monitors to standby when not in use. 

The first and second place winners were each awarded a plaque and funds ($500 and $150, respectively)towards improvements for their library. The energy reduced from this challenge resulted in a savings of over $21,000  for the City.

In 2014, after the challenge had been over for a year, we took a look at the libraries' current energy usage and we found that they further reduced their energy usage (without any challenge and incentives) by an ADDITIONAL 3%!

Great job, Libraries!

Fire Energy Challenge

From March 2013 to September 2013, all of El Paso’s brave firefighters competed against each other to see who can lower their energy consumption the most in a six-month period. Our 1st place winner was Fire Station 29 with an overall energy reduction of 21%! Fire Station 29 received a plaque and $500 towards improvements for their fire station. All of the stations combined saved the City about $8,000 in energy costs. Overall, 82% of the fire stations reduced their energy usage from last year.

The fire fighters noted that they saved this much mostly by turning off unnecessary lights and by shutting off air conditioning units when no one was using that space. Some fire stations also thought of very creative ways to save energy, including propping open doors to see which lights are left on, taking out light bulbs in vending machines, and cooking outdoors on warm days.

Here is the list of winners:
1st monthly winner: Fire Station 6, with the Best Energy Conservation Plan
2nd monthly winner: Fire Station 26, with an energy reduction of 29.5%!
3rd monthly winner: Fire Station 29, with an energy reduction of 29.8%!
4th monthly winner: Fire Station 29, with an energy reduction of 21.3%!
5th monthly winner: Fire Station 34, with an energy reduction of 19%!
6th monthly winner: Fire Station 29, with an energy reduction of 23%!

Our overall winner of the 2013 Fire Station Energy Challenge was FIRE STATION 29 with an overall energy reduction of 21%! Check out this video to see how they did it!

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