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UTEPs going green

UTEP just launched the Miner Recycling System in hopes of collecting more recyclables in UTEP buildings and generating revenue to expand and continue the recycling program! Check out their website or their Facebook page for more information.

EPCC’s Going Green

El Paso Community College continues to expand their recycling system and encourage waste and energy conservation. If you would like to learn about their program or read their Green Tips for the Week, check out these links below:

EPCC Recycling Program
EPCC Sustainability Guides
EPCC Recycling Program Facebook page

Paisano Green Community

This is the first net zero energy housing community in the nation! This grant-funded affordable housing project for seniors was built in 2012 and features solar panels on the roofs, solar-powered car ports, and two wind turbines. It also features passive design and energy-efficient appliances.

In the news:
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More information about the Housing Authority for the City of El Paso (HACEP) here:

Fort Bliss’s Net Zero Energy, Waste, and Water Goals

Did you know that Fort Bliss has a commitment to net zero energy, waste and water by 2018? Balfour Beatty Communities partnered with SolarCity to install and maintain the thousands of solar panels that are being added to Fort Bliss houses. They are also exploring geothermal and waste-to-energy possibilities.

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Job Corps Garden-to-Table Project

Job Corps Garden-to-Table Project

The City of El Paso’s Sustainability Office worked closely with the Community Foundation and David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center’s CTT Classes to develop an educational garden that would supply food for their culinary class and offer a great learning space. Students manage the garden and demonstrate how they are making meals from produce that they grow right next to their classroom.

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Find more information about Job Corps here:

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