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El Paso Bike Proclamation

May is officially Bike Month here in El Paso, as proclaimed by Mayor Cook on May 3, 2013 and then again by Mayor Leeser on May 1, 2014. This year, the Bike Month calendar is full of fun and exciting events, so please check out to join the rides and celebrate Bike Month!

Why use a bike instead of your car?

Here are five great reasons why you should break your old bike out of storage:

  1. Benefit from a little exercise—improves cardiovascular health!
  2. Spend less time driving and fighting traffic, which is especially worse during morning and lunch hours
  3. Help reduce the amount of cars on the road, which means fewer CO2 emissions, better air quality, and less congestion
  4. Put less mileage and wear-and-tear on your car
  5. Help us promote a bike culture in El Paso—supporting alternative transportation and a healthy lifestyle!

Safety Tips

  1. WEAR YOUR HELMET! Nearly 75-80 percent of cyclists killed or permanently disabled involve head or neck injuries. Note for City Employees: All city employees are required to wear their helmet when riding a bicycle.
  2. Watch out for people opening car doors when you pass a parked motor vehicle.
  3. When riding on sidewalks reduce your speed and exercise caution.
  4. Be on the lookout for and avoid the following road surface hazards, such as loose sand, rocks, glass and debris, etc.
  5. Bicyclists should use hand signals to signal their intent to stop, turn left or turn right. Remember that a bicycle is considered a vehicle by Texas State Law, so you must comply with all traffic rules, use audible signals when passing, and ride with the direction of traffic. The bicyclist should use the following signals:
    1. Stop — Extend the left hand and arm downward.
    2. Left turn — Extend the left hand and arm horizontally.
    3. Right turn — Extend the left hand and arm upward, or extend the right hand and arm horizontally.
  6. If you are passing a cyclist, please allow for at least three feet of space between you and the cyclist. Many states have adopted Safe Passing Laws, which “seek to ensure that, when passing bicycles, motor vehicles allow adequate space to avoid sideswiping bicyclists or causing them to overcorrect to avoid a vehicle” (National Conference of State Legislatures). Washington State offers a little more information about the “Give three feet” law here:

For more information about bicycle safety and road laws, please see TTI’s Texas Road Laws for Bicycles and TxDOT’s FAQs Concerning Bicycles, Pedestrians and the Law.

Bike Lanes

A bike master plan, complete with more bike infrastructure, is currently in the planning process. Please check back for updates. For more information about how to request more bike lanes in a certain area, or to have certain lanes be swept or repaired, please click here:

Bike Pool

The City has several lockers with over twenty bikes available for City Employees to check out and use at the Municipal Service Center and also downtown to go to lunch or meetings. These are regularly used and help reduce vehicle miles traveled, promoting better air quality in our city.

Bike Share

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) is very close to accessing the federal funds to finish the procurement for the bike share program! The bike share program is in its last stages of the funding process and the CRRMA is currently waiting for the Letter of Authorization to release the federal funds, and then they need to Texas Department of Transportation to sign the agreement and then the CRRMA can begin the construction of the bikes!

The bike share program will have five stations downtown, two stations at UTEP, and hopefully one station at EPCC's downtown campus. All together, the CRMMA hopes to have a fleet of eighty bikes for the first phase, and then they will pursue sponsorship and funding to add additional stations in the following phases. They hope that by establishing the initial stations, UTEP, EPCC, and Fort Bliss can easily add stations and connect different areas of our city.

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) is currently working with a marketing team to develop a logo and outreach plan. Potential bike share station locations will be surveyed once more to ensure they are optimally placed downtown and on the UTEP and EPCC campuses. The CRRMA is planning an open public meeting for anyone interested in learning more about the bike share program and providing input for the system. Please check back here for more information!

Bicycle Groups in El Paso

Borderland Mountain Bike Association -

EP Cyclists - The bicycle group offers rides for all levels Saturdays and Sundays mornings, starting from the East Side. Two rides are offered: one for beginners, pace and distance depending on riders; and one for intermediates and advanced, usually 40 to 60 miles at 18 to 20 mph. Starting times and locations are posted at For more information: Manny Valadez, 861-2311 or

El Paso Bicycle Club - The El Paso Bicycle Club is a group of recreational road cyclists with a focus on excercise and fun. For more information, please view their website:

Velo Paso Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition -

Bike Advisory Committee

In May 2014, City Council approved a resolution establishing a Bicycle Advisory Committee for the purpose of advising the City of El Paso on matters related to bicycle planning and infrastructure.
Read more here.

Adoption of NACTO Design Standards

In May 2014, City Council approved a resolution adopting the NationalAssociation of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) “Urban Street DesignGuide” and “Urban Bikeway Design Guide” as the official design guidelines forcapital improvement projects and other city funded street and roadwayimprovement projects within the City of El Paso.
Read more here.

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