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DEPARTMENT: Facilities/Fleet Maintenance FUNCTION: Records Management

Providing solutions and support for records and information management needs by partnering with all city departments and entities to encourage and enable diligent and informed management of all records through their lifecycle in order to meet operational business needs, accountability requirements and community expectations, regardless of media format.
Information governance through secure and appropriate storage, as well as timely and accessible retrieval and handling of all records generated or received in any format by officers' and employees of the City of El Paso for the official conduct of the City's business.


  1. Enhance workflow process of storage, retrieval and final disposition of all records necessary to conduct the city's business

  2. Provide training to city departments and in particular records coordinators and liaisons so as to encourage awareness and application of responsible records management techniques that will safeguard the city's information resources

  3. Mitigate risks to city due to records held for past retention periods &/or being inaccessible by re-evaluating operational basics of Retention, Retrieval, Reduction and Recovery

New Location

Effective 3/24/2014, the Records Management Division (including the Mail Room) has successfully relocated to the basement of the Mulligan Building across the street from city hall.

New Address:
218 North Campbell, El Paso, TX 79901

New Phone Numbers:
Thomas Oduor – (915) 212-1382
Mary Spencer –  (915) 212 1383
Mailroom Front Desk – (915) 212-1380

  Performance Measures FY12 FY13  
1. Number of training sessions 5 12  
2. Attendance at training sessions 25 120  
3. Retention - Reduce volume/proportion of permanent retention to mitigate ligitation risks 0 14% From
64% to 50%
4. Retrieval - Change workflow to drastically reduce Analyst stated retrievals 100% 10%  
5. Reduction - Reduce volume of records held past retention period to mitigate risk to the city 20% 12%  
6. Recovery - Identify and work with 3 city departments to mitigate risk by ensuring offsite storage/back-up essential records for continuity of operations. 0 3  
Records Control Schedules (Retention Schedules)- City of El Paso, Texas
Records Control Schedules (Retention Schedules)
Click here to see examples of retention periods

Link to the Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC) Retention Schedules:

In accordance with Section 12 of the city records ordinance which states:
In accordance with the Local Government Records Act (the “Act”), Texas Local Government Code Chapter 203.041 (a)(2), in lieu of filing records control schedules, the City of El Paso hereby adopts the records control schedules issued by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission as per form SLR508(8-95) filed on March 13, 2006 and acknowledged by the Commission on March 17, 2006.
As per Forms SLR 508(8-95), the City of El Paso ascribes to the following schedules:
SLR508 Link

  Schedule Title
1. EL Elections and Voter Registration
2. GR Common to all Local Governments
3. HR Public Health Agencies
4. LC Justice and Municipal Courts
5. PS Public Safety Agencies
6. PW Public Works and Other Government Services
7. TX Property Taxation
8. UT Public Utility Services

The city does not utilize schedule CC (Records of County Clerks), DC(Records of District Clerks), JC(Records of Public Junior Colleges) & SD(Records of Public School Districts)
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