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Land Management


The purpose of the Land Management Division is to provide turf and landscape, maintenance and repair services to the public and city departments so the public can enjoy and city departments can provide an outdoor experience that is safe and clean.

The Land Management Division provides maintenance services to more than 2,800 acres of the City’s parklands, open space, and grounds. The division is headquartered at the Municipal Service Center, 1059 Lafayette Drive, El Paso, Texas, and can be reached at 915-621-6791; with four Maintenance Corrals located throughout the City.

To submit a work order request, please reference the online training, hosted on the PeopleSoft User Productivity Kit (UPK) accessed via the following link: http://upk-prod01/maintstar highlighting key steps for use of the system.

Then, please use this URL to submit work requests is http://mstar-app01/WorkRequest/Logon.aspx


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