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Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain all City buildings in order to provide for a proper, comfortable, safe and clean environment; not only for our employees, but also for the general public who visit our facilities.

Buildings maintained by Facilities Maintenance


The Facilities Maintenance Division (FMD) maintains the City’s buildings, providing maintenance and repair to over 3,285,309 square footage of working space or 181 buildings. The division is headquartered at the Municipal Service Center, 1059 Lafayette Drive, El Paso, Texas with satellite offices at City Hall and Police Headquarters. In addition to providing a preventive maintenance program, the division responds to requests for repairs to plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems. Other tasks performed include moving services, painting, and general repairs. The administrative staff prepares the specifications required to purchase all facilities maintenance materials and supplies. The division is also responsible for obtaining contracts for the City’s security and cleaning services. All of the City’s utility bills with the exception of the Airport, Sun Metro, and Health department are monitored and paid within the FMD.

To submit a work order request, please reference the online training, hosted on the PeopleSoft User Productivity Kit (UPK) accessed via the following link: http://upk-prod01/maintstar highlighting key steps for use of the system.

Then, please use this URL to submit work requests is http://mstar-app01/WorkRequest/Logon.aspx.

The General Fund finances the Facilities Maintenance Division. Its budget is divided into four sections: Police Department Buildings, Fire Department Buildings, Libraries, and all other City-Wide Buildings. The only City departments that are not maintained by the FMD are the Airport, Health, Sun Metro, Zoo, and Parks and Recreation.

The new 911 center will be maintained by the FMD; however it will be charged maintenance fees for the services provided. The FMD will be responsible for all maintenance related to the 911 center and its transmitter site equipment including the uninterrupted power supply units, generators, and HVAC equipment.

Energy Management

The City’s energy manager works with the FMD to implement new energy conservation projects, programs and procedures. The city has completed City Hall HVAC and lighting renovations including a new chilled-water system and a complete retrofit and redesign of the lighting, replacing fluorescent four bulb 40-watt light fixtures with two- or three-bulb 32-watt light fixtures. Infrared occupancy sensors were added to lighting systems for individual offices and restrooms, and dual-technology (infrared and ultrasonic) occupancy sensors were added to lighting for open-space offices. An ice thermal storage system is being installed for a new animal shelter.

The City of El Paso has established a policy that all new facilities being developed by the city provide equipment (HVAC and electrical) that will help to meet the goal of reducing electricity consumption by 5 percent per year.


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