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Document Center

Mission Statement
Our mission is to enable other City departments to better serve their customers by providing fast and friendly copies, printing services, and mail delivery.


The Document Center is located in the basement of City Hall. It operates as an internal service fund billing each department for the services it provides. The document center runs approximately 3,200,000 copies per year. Most of the printing services requested by departments is contracted to outside vendors at a cost of about $200,000 per year or 40% of the document center budget.

The Document Center mails out over 200,000 items per year. Departments have several options for their mail delivery:

  1. Regular Mail,
  2. Bulk Mail
  3. Certified Mail
  4. Registered Mail, and
  5. Insured Mail

It is also responsible for the City's inner office mail distribution. A messenger delivers mail throughout City Hall and to several outlying departments. UPS is utilized for delivery of express mail or next day air service.

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