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El Paso’s FTZ No. 68 can alleviate that frustration and provide impressive savings. Since its inception in 1982, El Paso’s Zone 68 has been operator and consultant to corporate residents, facilitating cost savings through foreign trade zone services. Importers can utilize the foreign trade zone by activating their own facility within any of the five regional sites or by using the services of a FTZ public warehouse. On average more than 70 companies utilize El Paso’s Zone to stay globally competitive. El Paso’s FTZ No. 68 is a full service provider of FTZ services; customers can take advantage of the only FTZ Operations training within a 500 mile radius, representation on FTZ goods with federal agencies, on-site Customs officers and quick turnaround time on a day-to-day basis. FTZ No. 68 coordinates with consultants that are activating or expanding a FTZ site or facility. El Paso’s zone is customer focused.


  • Manage the zone project to include a zoneschedule, FTZ Agreements with Operators & Annual Reports filed with the FTZBoard.
  • Business Development to include zone marketingand regional coordination and promotion.
  • FTZ Educational Seminars and Conferences
  • Federal Government Liaison

GP Operator

  • FTZ Documents Processing to include monthlyreconciliation, annual reporting, and auditing of FTZ Users.
  • Representation with US Customs and PGA’s
  • Mitigation of Fines and Penalties
  • FTZ Compliance Training
  • Manage FTZ User Agreements and Activation
  • E-214 Connectivity

Business Development

  • New User, Distribution Site, and ManufacturingActivation
  • Regional Coordination and Promotion

Regulatory Compliance

  • Auditing
  • Annual Reporting

 Federal government liaison

  • Representation with Customs and PGA
  • Mitigation of fines and penalties

Zone 68 offers Nine FTZ Public Warehouses (aka, logistics service providers) that provide logistical solutions and value added services. Below is list of services (not all services provided by all public warehouses). Manipulation Warehouse and Distribution Light Manufacturing Customs Brokerage Freight Forwarding

Zone Sites

The airport zone site is the initial site of Zone 68, containing 1,065 acres. This includes Butterfield Trail Industrial Park, the Air Cargo Complex and the new shovel ready Global Reach Science & Technology Park. The airport leases and/or subleases to third parties that wish to operate directly or indirectly in the trade zone. While the other zone sitesare privately owned properties in the east, central, southeast parts of El Paso totaling 2,378 acres. Please view the zone map FTZ 68 Zone Map. If you need assistance in determining if your preferred site is designated FTZ, please contact us at (915) 771-6016.

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