The FTZ program helps American and foreign companies improve their competitive position in the global market economy. The FTZ program allows U.S.-based companies to defer, reduce or even eliminate Customs duties on products admitted to the zone.Benefits to business and industry include:

  • Duty elimination on exports.
  • Duty elimination on scrap and defective merchandise
  • Duty deferral until merchandise enters U.S. territory
  • Duty reduction on foreign components which carry a higher duty rate than the finished article
  • No time constraints on storage
  • Shorter transit time - Direct Delivery for Owner of Goods
  • Streamlined logistics - Weekly Entries & Weekly Exports
  • Avoid Customs Fines and Seizures
  • Eliminate Drawback
  • Zone-to-Zone Transfers
  • Improve Cash Flow and Profitability
  • Reduced Bond & Brokerage Costs
  • Electronic admission


Advantages of El Paso’s FTZ No. 68

  • One-stop shop, U.S. Customs Inspectors located onsite at FTZ administrative offices
  • Tax exemption of inventory held in active zone
  • Electronic admission available directly from FTZ 68 GP Operator
  • Strategically located on the U.S.- Mexico border
  • Largest air cargo facility along the US-Mexico border located at El Paso International Airport
  • Located on a major interstate highway system with international trucking facilities
  • Access to rail facilities serving every major North American market
  • The City of El Paso’s Economic Development Department may be able to offer additional incentives based on jobs and/or investment amount.

New Incentive available only in FTZ No. 68 - Small Manufacturing Business Accelerator (SMBA)

The SMBA is a incentive that helps small manufacturing companies initiate their zone by reducing the start-up costs (that can be expensive with some zone grantees across the country), and to accelerate the approval process through a coordinated effort. The end result is to help manufacturers expand their markets and compete on a global basis through the use of El Paso’s Foreign-Trade Zone.     Start-up Incentive:

  • A business selected for this project would be permitted to activate a FTZ facility for a period of one year without any Grantee/Operator activation fee or transaction fees being charged to the business.
  • FTZ Operations Training fees waived for up to four (4) key employees during initial year.
  • Receive start up support from FTZ No. 68 Grantee/Operator. 

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