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Professional Development Training Program
Fire Fighter Oath

Trainee Manual Class 84 October 2012.

Paramedic Oath

The Training Academy is responsible for providing classroom instruction and practical training to all new firefighters, current firefighters and medics for the El Paso Fire Department. This training includes firefighting tactics and strategy, emergency medical skills, hazardous material response, emergency vehicle driver training, rappelling, rescue, and other types of training. The Academy is a very busy place providing training not only for the Fire Department but also for other departments in the surrounding area, outside agencies, and potential fire department applicants. The Academy is also involved in recruiting new firefighters for the department.


The Training Academy is active in trying to recruit potential firefighters from the surrounding community. Learn how to become an El Paso Firefighter.

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Explorer Program

“Exploring is the young adult career education program of “Learning for Life” for young men and women who are 14 and graduates of the eighth grade or 15 through 20 years of age. Fire and Emergency Services Exploring is a youth development program centered on fire and emergency service careers. Fire and Emergency Service Explorers might choose to visit fire schools, fire trade shows, musters, fire competitions, community presentation programs, first aid skills competition, and/or community disaster programs. The bottom line is that Fire and Emergency Service Exploring is an action-oriented, hands-on career or volunteer discovery program.”

Anyone interested in the Explorers Program can contact Fire Fighter Jay Nicholson at (915) 787-9754.

El Paso Fire Department Explorer Post

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Jorge Cortez
Training Chief
El Paso Fire Department, Training Academy
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