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Operations Research Program
Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Operations Research Program is to provide analysis, records management and decision support services to the El Paso Fire Department so they can have timely, accurate and useful information to make service level decisions and report on operations performance to the public.

Fire Service Accreditation

The Operations Research Program oversees the development of the Department’s Strategic Plan, Standards of Cover and the Self-Assessment manuals. The Division oversees the process to become, and remain, accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. This process ensures the department is meeting the needs of the public and is performing to industry standards and established fire department benchmarks.

Insurance Services Organization (ISO)

The Operations Research Program directs compliance with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) requirements to ensure the El Paso Fire Department maintains its current Class 1 ISO rating. The maintenance of the Class 1 rating ensures that the citizens of the community are receiving the best insurance rates available by providing top level fire protection to the community. The Department is scheduled to have a Public Protection Classification (PPC) resurvey done starting January 9, 2012. Efforts to maintain the Department’s PPC Class 1 are ongoing.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Operations Research Program oversees the EPFDS’s GIS services. The Division uses a system of hardware, software and data collection to manage analyze and graphically display the Department’s performance. This process includes, but is not limited to, mapping services, data analysis, and program development.

Website Maintenance

The program works closely with the City’s Information Technology Web Programmers to maintain the Department’s Webpages functional and updated.
Research, Departmental Survey Information

Operations Research conducts field investigations, economic or public surveys, demographic studies, or other research; compiling data gathered; performing statistical analysis; preparing statistical charts and graphs.

The Operations Research Program researches and assimilates the information for numerous surveys. We do annual survey requests from the National Fire Protection Association, Federal Emergency Management Association, Annual ISO Surveys and the Annual International Association of Fire Chief’s Survey on Equipment, Service, and Statistics. We also do survey requests from other fire departments, National Fire Academy Student requests, and demographic requests from the City and County of El Paso.

The Operations Research Program represents the El Paso Fire Department in the Development Coordinating Committee and the Subdivision Coordinating Committee. The Division also represents the EPFD in the City Plan Commission, the Mountain Development Plan Committee, and the MTP Committee. The Division coordinates with these entities on issues that directly affect Fire Operations. Strategic Planning also coordinates with the Fire Prevention Division to carry out the Department’s Fire Safety initiatives —

Records Management

The Operations Research Program maintains, supports and manages many of the Department’s record management systems in coordination with other Private, Local, State, and Federal agencies. Some of these systems include, but are not limited to FireRecords and TeleStaff

Custodian of Records

The Operations Research Program is tasked with the custody of the Department’s records. The Division responds to Open Records Requests from the public or other City entities. The Division’s Head also serves as the Department’s Public Information Officer.

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