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Public Affairs Office

Do you have a general question about department operations? Or are you looking for someone to speak to your group about fire safety? Then you’ve come to the right place. The El Paso Fire Department’s Public Affairs Office handles information requests and other external communication for the department. The Public Affairs Office can help with:

  • Finding El Paso Fire Department members to speak to groups about fire prevention and safety.
  • Arranging on-site demos of fire engines, equipment, and department operations.
  • Arranging tours of fire department stations and other facilities
  • Arranging participation in health fairs, safety days or other community events promoting safety
  • Providing information about the El Paso Fire Department operations, covering all divisions.



To request a presentation or tour please fill out our online form.

Contact Information for the Public Affairs Office


(915) 485-5699



Career Day Presentations

Provide information and requirements to become a member of the El Paso Fire Department. Usually conducted with Fire Department Human Resources section. Available for schools, military and other “job fair” events.

For the Media

Follow us on Twitter @EPTXFire for updates on incidents of a serious nature.

On the Scene

Please request to speak to the Battalion Chief at any incident and they will assign a PIO to the media.

Contact Info:
Office: (915) 485-5699
Cell: (915) 820-9712