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In an effort to maintain a safe environment for the residents of El Paso, whether working or enjoying recreational activities, the El Paso Fire Department adopted the International Fire Code® to govern such businesses with regard to fire safety.

Certain establishments within the city contain special hazards ranging from life safety concerns to hazardous materials. The fire code requires special stipulations for them. One of these is the need to acquire a permit.

A permit is a form that allows the business to operate that special hazard or a period of up to one year. They are obtained from a fire official only after a business has been inspected, has met all requirements of the International Fire Code® and paid the permit fee to the City. The fee is charged to pay part of the expense for enforcing the code. After a permit has been issued it shall be kept on the premise and displayed in a conspicuous location at all times. The permit shall be readily available for inspection by any city official. Any person who commences work or performs any action that requires a permit without first obtaining the necessary permit shall be subject to a fee and other penalties as set forth in Section 109.3 of the International Fire Code®.

The Permitting Section of the El Paso Fire Department is staffed by eight certified fire inspectors. It is their responsibility to conduct permitting inspections, attend meetings with business owners and contractors, and handle any requests from the public. Inspectors are there for your assistance and as a resource for the community. If you feel that your business or building requires a permit and does not have one, or if you are unsure and wish to request a free inspection from a fire inspector you may call (915) 771-1090. An inspector will be sent to conduct an inspection, answer any questions you may have, and make suggestions for fire safety items.

Permitting Inspectors

To Be Announced

Permitting Process

The process for permitting such business in most cases is a simple seven-step process:

1.Request an inspection by phoning (915) 771-1090
2.An inspector will come and do a thorough inspection of the building or operation
3.The inspector will reference the International Fire Code® for regulations specific to that operation.
4.Inspector will notify occupant of any violations that need correcting prior to issuing a permit.
5.If no violations are noted, the inspector will issue an Application for Permit Form.
6.Take the application along with the permit fee to City Hall (300 N. Campbell) or mail it to     that address and receive your permit.
7.Post your permit in an easily accessible location for inspection.