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Safety Tips: House & Garden

House And Garden Equipment

Power Lawn Mowers

Power lawn mowers can be great time savers. However, about 50,000 people receive hospital emergency room treatment yearly for injuries associated with power lawn mowers. Every year operators of power mowers receive severe cuts and amputations when they try to clear the discharge chute of grass clippings and other debris or adjust the machine while it is still operating. A power mower should be turned off and the spark plug disconnected before any work is done on it. Care should be exercised when operating an electric mower so that the cord does not become entangled in the blades.

Not all victims hurt in power mower accidents are operators. By-standers are also injured when the mower with a great deal of force propels rocks, twigs and other objects on the ground. Raking the area before cutting the grass may prevent that type of accident.

Wearing sturdy shoes, rather than sandals or sneakers, will give better protection to the feet when cutting grass with a power lawn mower.