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First Aid Tips
In an emergency call 9-1-1 for police, fire, and ambulance. Be familiar with emergency numbers you might need outside the El Paso area.

MAKE SURE THE AREA IS SAFE - YOU CAN'T HELP IF YOU ARE HURT! Don't allow yourself or others to become victims.

Be aware of anything which could cause injury to yourself or others. If possible, safely remove the source of danger:

Do not move a victim of trauma unless necessary to save his or her life or to prevent further injury.

El Paso Fire Medical Services encourages you to learn the correct first aid/CPR procedures and techniques associated with the emergency situations identified in this section.

Stop bleeding by applying gentle pressure with a clean cloth.

Put cool water on a burn, this slows skin damage. Do not use ointments, lotions or butter. If the skin is already blistered, dead white, brown, or charred, you need emergency help. Call 911.