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Safety Tips: Fireworks

Firework safety

Fire Officials would like to remind the public about the dangers of using fireworks and that fireworks are illegal inside the City of El Paso. If you are caught with fireworks within city limits, which includes 5,000 feet beyond the city limits, your fireworks will be confiscated and you will be issued a citation. Fines can go as high as $2,000.00.
El Paso and County Fire Officials are also reminding the public about the extremely dry conditions that affect the El Paso area and are asking the public to refrain from buying and using fireworks due to the dangers of starting brush fires.
Fire Officials are asking the public to attend one of the many professional firework displays throughout the city.

REMEMBER: It is against the law to use fireworks in the City of El Paso! Fire prevention division strict enforcement of Fireworks. Many emergencies are caused by fireworks. Children are often burned on the hands and face, usually because of playing with sparklers. Sparklers can reach temperatures up to 1000*. Fourth of July - This holiday presents the largest fire danger to the El Paso citizens than any other. The El Paso Fire Dept. responds to more fires and serious burn injuries on this day than any other during the year.

It is Possible to celebrate and enjoy this holiday.

  • Check the newspaper for a list of special firework displays planned for the Fourth of July.
  • Do not use fireworks of any kind. They can cause serious burn injuries.
    Remember, El Paso is still a desert. Our hot, dry summers make fire threats more dangerous.
  • Be careful with all fire activities.