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Fire Inspections
The goal of the Fire Inspector is to eliminate fire cause through the application and enforcement of the Fire Code. The International Fire Code is adopted by City Ordinance. The Fire Code is enforced by the Fire Department. The Building Code is enforced by the city's Building Inspectors. Together they provide for the way structures are to be built, occupied, any fire protection equipment that is needed, and requirements for renovation.

Fire Hydrant Flow Data Requests
To request fire hydrant flow data, please [click here] or send a request by email to Please call the One-Stop-Shop at (915) 212 -1531 if you have any questions.

Annual Fire Inspections

The Fire Department engine and ladder companies perform annual fire inspections on all businesses in the City of El Paso. This includes schools, any building with an assembly capacity over 49 people, multiple-unit residential buildings, commercial structures, nursing homes, day-care facilities, hospitals and other institutional facilities. These are designed to help identify potential fire hazards, life safety hazards, and ensure they are corrected. These inspections help familiarize the firefighters with commercial structures in their districts and reduce the number of fires that occur.

Common problems in annual fire inspections include missing fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers that have expired. All occupancies are required to have at least one 2A10BC rated fire extinguisher. Additional fire extinguishers are required based on the square footage of the building. An additional 2A10BC extinguisher will be required for each additional 3000 square feet or fraction thereof. Service Stations are required to have at least one 2A20BC fire extinguisher on site. Portable fire extinguishers must be provided with 30-foot travel distance of commercial type cooking equipment.

Extinguishers are required to be inspected and tagged each year by a licensed company performing the inspection. New extinguishers do not require a tag for the first year after purchase. Proof of purchase must be provided to exempt the extinguisher from the inspection requirement.

Fire Inspection

Any new business will have to undergo an initial fire inspection prior to opening. An inspection may also be necessary after a major renovation. This inspection is performed by the Fire Prevention Division's Fire Inspectors. These personnel are certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection to perform fire inspections. To become certified they must undergo 226 hours of training and need to pass a state examination to receive certification.



  • Residential day care/foster care facilities (adult & child)
  • Commercial day care/foster care facilities (adult & child)
  • Texas Department of Aging & Disabilities (TDADS) facilities (includes nursing homes & assisted living facilities)


Commercial Day Care Facilities - Children $125.00
Investigation/Inspection Fees (during regular duty hours) $72.00 per hour
Site Assessment (consultation)   $75.00 flat rate
Non - Regulatory Inspections $72.00 per hour
Commercial Safety Training $72 flat rate

To view the complete departmental fee list, [click here].

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