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Fire Permits

Fire Code Compliance

The El Paso Fire Department Code Compliance Section strives on the goal of minimizing the risk of life and property loss from fire. By enforcing an adopted fire code and related standards, hazardous conditions can be eliminated or controlled before fire occurs.

Our Mission: Enforcing the City of El Paso’s Fire Code, one building at a time.

The Code Compliance Section of the El Paso Fire Department is staffed by seven certified fire inspectors and one supervisor. It is their responsibility to conduct inspections, attend meetings with business owners and contractors, and handle any requests and/or complaints from the public. Inspectors are there for your assistance and as a resource for the community. If you feel that your business or building requires our attention, or if you are unsure and wish to request an inspection from a fire inspector you may call (915) 485-5699 or send an e-mail (see below). An inspector will be sent to conduct an inspection, answer any questions you may have, and make suggestions for fire safety items. Please be advised that there is a fee involved when requesting an Inspector and/or Investigator to conduct any fire-related business.

Local Codes

All buildings in the City of El Paso must comply with the adopted "International Fire Code, 2009". The El Paso Fire Department also enforces local amended codes and municipal codes. In addition to general inspections, there are numerous specific areas where inspections are also required.

These include:

** Indicates Construction / Installation Permit Required and Shall be Posted on Site


To request an inspection from a fire inspector

please call (915) 485-5699 or

Email us on: