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Office of Emergency Management
Who is Emergency Management

The Mission of the El Paso City-County Office of Emergency Management is to administer a program for the citizens of the City and the County of El Paso for the PREVENTION, PROTECTION, RESPONSE, and RECOVERY from natural or man-made disasters.

This office is responsible for development and implementation of plans for the protection of the community and for minimizing the effects of a disaster. The office is further responsible for designing and directing local emergency exercises, coordinating the activities of local agencies and resources during disaster, coordinating requests for assistance and providing information to the state and federal agencies during disaster operations.

The office also coordinates with City and County department heads in the Emergency Operation Center regarding their responsibilities during a disaster, and compiling and submitting all reports required by the state and federal agencies.

The OEM office also provides an emergency notification service that contacts individuals and provides vital information/instructions during a city wide emergency or disaster. Please visit the page El Paso Emergency Alert System to learn more about this service.
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