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Treasury Services
The Treasury Services Division is responsible for managing the City’s investments in accordance with state law, City ordinances, debt covenants the City Investment Policy and the Debt Policy. This Policy is adopted annually by the City Council. The Treasury Services Division also acts as the contract representative for the City’s depository contract.

The Treasury Services Division prepares Quarterly Investment Reports in accordance with the City's investment policy. Click on the following to view the City's most recent reports.

Quarterly Reports

The Treasury Services Division also is responsible for unclaimed property and return check function. The Treasury Services Division provides guidance and monitoring of city's petty cash system.

The City of El Paso encourages vendors to utilize the city's electronic form of payment. Fill out and email the form below to Maria (Suky) Flores - Purchasing Department.

ACH Form

The Treasury Services Division (TSD) will notify the payer via a letter within 2 days after the NSF check is received. The payer has ten (10) business days after receipt of the letter to respond to the City.

The payer may submit the payment (money order or cashier’s check) via US Mail to TSD attention. If in-person the payer must go to the TSD for the information to take to the City Cashier’s Office. Payer must pay cash; cashier’s check or money order to the City Cashier’s Office and deliver copy of receipt to the TSD for NSF check disposition.

At no time departments will accept payments to clear NSF checks without prior TSD approval.

Treasury Services Coordinator Luis Ortiz (915) 212-1161
Accounting Manager Jesse Garcia (915) 212-1146
Associate Accountant Edith Morales (915) 212-1151
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